What's our passion? 

We like to show off this corner of the world and believe it to be unique among destinations. As such, we care very deeply about the footprint we leave here.  That means we have to be about the service. 


Stray dogs have it hard in the jungle, and dogs are hard on the jungle too. We work to support spay/neuter clinics, rescue street dogs as members of PV Dogs (http://www.pvdogs9.com); and of course we end up adopting some ourselves. We have also raised money to help people keep and care for their animals. Annanci Village is proud of our commitment to furry friends. 

Lifeguard program

Annanci Village was named a 'Lifesaver' of the lifeguard program as a top tier local donor. 

The Community

Annanci Village has just started conversations with a local Chicago artist to bring a festival to Puerto Viejo. The goal is to engage Puerto Viejo youth in cultural exchange.