What's a vacation for? Just to relax? We don't believe you. It takes a lot of planning to get to paradise. You want to do more than just nap when you get here- though we have plenty of hammocks.  We think your trip is about exploring your path to happiness. That means having fun, learning, connecting, and adventure. 

Okay, okay- If there happens to be a relaxing dip in the Caribbean Sea at the end of that path... well, that just makes it better.  Often we take trips only to wind up feeling like a consumer- depleted at the end. 

A visit to us should add value and energy to your life. That could simply be in experiencing the striking biodiversity in the garden, the rush of a canopy tour, or the stress management of a yoga class.  

Spend a Saturday morning in our farmers market and learn to cook local foods with tips from our best cooks. No one will think you're a tourist- because you're not. Once here- for however long- you become part of a community. 

In any mile-stretch of the main road you'll hear a symphony of Jamaican Creole, Italian, German, Chinese, French, English and Spanish.  Come shine your light on one of our paths. Add your voice to the chorus.  Puerto Viejo is for you.